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Got weed but no pipe? You’re in the right place! It’s a commonly overlooked problem — you have a pocketful of potent herb but nothing to consume it with! Well,…

DIY: Four Smoking Devices You Can Make at Home

Got weed but no pipe? You’re in the right place! It’s a commonly overlooked problem — you have a pocketful of potent herb but nothing to consume it with! Well, let me show you some easy tricks for making homemade smoking devices for when you’re in a pinch. Canotte Philadelphia 76ers applepipe-28  

Apple Pipe

The classic apple pipe — a smoker’s favorite party trick. asics femme pas cher Nike Air Max 1 Heren Perfect for when you’re mid-hike and you realize you forgot a bowl or papers. Simply turn your snack into a foolproof pipe! Try taking your apple pipe to the next level by using some unconventional fruits and veggies such as strawberries, bananas, or even zucchini! Here’s the rundown on how to create an apple pipe; all you’ll need is an apple (or another piece of fruit) and a pen. First, remove the stem from the top of the apple and push a pen straight down into the center of the apple. Then, make a second tunnel by pushing the pen horizontally into the apple, connecting the two tunnels. Finally, stuff that top hole with some sticky herb and puff away! That’s it! Bonus, you can throw it out without littering afterward! Watch this YouTube video for additional instruction. starburst-pipe  

Starburst Pipe

Another munchie-turned-pipe genius invention of the internet — the starburst pipe. This DIY pipe is easy to make, sustainable, and tasty. Air Jordan 3 Uomo And this pipe is one you can get creative with and build it however big or small you’d like. Peyton Manning Jerseys nike air max femme pas cher Start with lining up about seven starburst candies that you’ll use to build the stem of the pipe. Then, take a pen and create a hole through the center of each starburst. Gently stick the “bageled” starburst together to create the stem. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Using an additional piece of candy, make an “L-shaped” tunnel that will connect the pipe’s stem to where the bowl will be. Create a bowl piece and “Voila! Light up and taste the rainbow! Watch this YouTube video for additional instruction. dictionary-rolling-paper  

Book Paper Joint

When you’re feigning for a joint with no papers to be found, look no further than the nearest thin-grade paper book (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.). adidas stan smith hombre The pages of these often-thick books are thin enough to replace your average joint paper in a pinch, but most books will have thick pages that will burn harsh. All you’ll need to make this joint a reality is thin paper and an envelope. Fjallraven Kanken Sale NO.2 Simply tear out the paper, customize it to the size you’d like, then roll a joint like you normally would. When it comes time to seal, grab that envelope, wet the sticky part with your tongue and rub it across the edge of the joint paper. Scarpe Nike Air Max The stickiness from the envelope will transfer to the paper allowing the joint to stick and seal together. nike And there you have it — a legal way to literally burn prohibition. Learn how to roll a joint with this Youtube video. nike air max 90 pas cher



CornCob Pipe

Throwing it back to some serious OG tech with this DIY corncob pipe. adidas original superstar 80s femme Another sustainable, munchie-turned-pipe that’s perfect for camping, hiking, or when you can’t find anything else in your grandma’s kitchen. All you’ll need to make this #tbt pipe is an ear of corn, a knife, and some kind of hollow stem. adidasi new balance barbati pret First, break (or cut) the corncob in half, make sure the center of the cob is thick enough to make a quality bowl piece. Remove the corn on the outside (you don’t have to if it’s just for one or two uses) and dig out the center of the cob with your knife in a twisting motion — and please, be careful.

  • Once you have your corncob bowl, it’s time to make/find a stem. Back in the good ole days, they used to use a wild rice stalk … now I don’t blame you if you don’t happen to have one of those laying around. So get creative and use any kind of hollowed stem — an emptied out pen, a metal straw, a piece of hollowed wood, etc. ASICS PAS CHER FR You can use a drill to quickly hollow out a large stick or something similar for the mouthpiece. Once you have your stem ready, cut a hole into the side of the corncob for the stem to fit nice and snug. adidas ultra boost uncaged uomo Make sure the holes have a little bit of airflow between them, then light up and chief away! Watch this YouTube video for additional instruction. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren grijs Bonus: If you don’t have any corn, you can make this same pipe by replacing the corncob with a segment of a large wood stick to make a fully wooden pipe.

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