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BY Adam Rhodes     The Secret Service needs help. Law requires the Secret Service to provide round-the-clock protection for the properties owned by the president.  basket adidas…

Secret Service Relaxes Marijuana Ban

BY Adam Rhodes  

The Secret Service needs help.

Law requires the Secret Service to provide round-the-clock protection for the properties owned by the president. basket adidas That includes places where nobody is living. President Trump might have taken that as a personal challenge as his protection costs have soared. Trump has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars in just the first few months on travel to and from his private resort and security. asics chaussures   Trump has actually doubled the cost of protecting the president three times over. It is so expensive, congress had to add $120 million to the budget already. The extravagant travel and security details the president demands are making it impossible to provide with current rules.

The Secret Service needs to add thousands of jobs in order to properly guard the many cheap hotels and overpriced properties the president uses to increase his personal fortune. air jordan 1 There simply are not enough Secret Service members to protect all the properties of the current president. ugg boots  

Concessions have to be made somewhere.


Secret Service Director

The president cannot miss a chance to spend millions of dollars whenever he can. So the only reasonable option left is to add 3000 Secret Service members. adidas zx flux The problem is that too many people flunk out of the program due to cannabis consumption.   We aren’t talking closet stoners that have been selling weed out of their footlocker. asics men We are talking the people who want to protect our country and are actually qualified to do so. These are the guys who pass training, have solid credit, good eyesight and may have used cannabis when teenagers.   38 days into his new appointment as director of the Secret Service, Randolph Alles announced the decision to no longer disqualify candidates because of weed. He also acknowledged that the “very dedicated” agents were facing insurmountable demands and without the changes, there wouldn’t be enough candidates to provide the mandated protection.  

Alles is looking to fix the staffing issue.

Alles outlined a new, “whole-person concept” in the new hiring practices that went into effect last month. Instead of simply yes or no questions about past use during a polygraph test, the Service now asks about history. Consideration is given for time between last use and testing but enough history is still considered a failure during the polygraph test. UGG for Men Sale   “We need more people. The mission has changed,” Alles said before citing threats like al Qaeda and ISIS, as well has homegrown terrorists. “It’s more dynamic and way more dangerous than it has been in years past,” Alles said during his address. While his personal interactions with president Trump are singular, Alles is in charge of deciding who gets to protect the president.   The most interesting part of the equation is that the Secret Service is relaxing its ban on marijuana because it can’t hire enough people to protect the president. So Trumps refusal to give up control of his businesses has created a national security threat that will take almost $120 million to patch. This despite the danger level to president Trump being effectively the same as president Obama at 6-8 threats per day.  

The challenge is more than just protecting properties.


Secret Service

  “I think between that and the fact that he has a larger family, that’s just more stress on the organization. We recognize that,” Alles said when addressing logistics of the constant presidential trips to Florida and New Jersey. Alles assured reporters that he’s been allocating resources accordingly. nike air force 1 ac femme   Despite having spent more on travel than any living president, Trump still hasn’t made it to Camp David. air jordan 11 As the traditional escape of presidents, the Maryland military installation remains fully staffed and protected at all times. “Obviously, we won’t be able to dictate his travel,” Alles said.

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