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When it comes to consuming cannabis, users now have more options than ever. It’s hard to recognize the “best” form of consumption, especially since new methods of consuming marijuana are…

What’s the best way to consume Marijuana?

When it comes to consuming cannabis, users now have more options than ever. It’s hard to recognize the “best” form of consumption, especially since new methods of consuming marijuana are popping up every day. Smoking is the oldest practice, but vaporizers are becoming rather popular. air max pas cher As far as edible goes, we can now enjoy practically any food we want with THC included. Plus there’s now oils, sprays, and even more. The “best” method of consuming cannabis really depends on your preferences and how you prioritize convenience, price, strength, health, etc. In this article, we tackle the ins and outs of 14 ways to consume marijuana in order to help you determine which method is best for you. Womens Air Jordan 4

The Sensation of Inhalation (Smoking)

Smoking is the fastest method of delivery of THC to the consumer, since the cannabinoids enter the body through the lungs, then are passed along directly into the user’s bloodstream causing an instead effect. In a study done by the Journal of Chemistry and Biodiversity, subjects who consumed cannabis via inhalation reported feeling the effects of the cannabis within minutes. Smoking is also is the most damaging to the lungs since you are smoking the plant material and perhaps additional papers. Like fast food, it’s quick and get’s the job done, though it may hinder your afternoon jog. One benefit these options below provide is that it’s easy to monitor the dosage size, making it less likely to over consume and get “too high”. air max 90 femme blanc rose noir Let’s look at our options: Joints: Some users (especially in Europe where cigarette smoking is more prevalent) like to load their joints with a hybrid of tobacco and cannabis for an extra head high. Joe Flacco Ravens Jerseys Either way, one hit of a joint and you feel it instantly. Blunts: Similar to a joint, but rolled with cigar papers instead. Blunts are thicker and hold more weed, making it often more powerful. tn nike pas cher A lot of cannabis users prefer this method simply because it’s been popular for many years and they enjoy the “old school” act of smoking. Not to mention, many famous celebrities endorse this style. Take Snoop Lion or Wiz Khalifa for an example, they publicly endorse this style when they talk about “smoking blunts” and “rolling Js”. Wiz Khalifa

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Pipes and bowls: An even quicker and easier way to consume marijuana. Just light up, inhale, and you’re good to go. This is just as effective as joints and blunts, though it may not taste as good since there’s no paper included. Bowls usually need to be lit once for each hit. This can be great if you want to save some of the bowl for later use, but very inconvenient if you’re outside on a windy day. Safety Precaution: In times of desperation, you may look to the remaining resin in your bowl as the last chance to get high. Fjallraven Kanken Mini This is not recommended, since resin has a lot THC ratio compared to ash, carbon, and tar. Smoking resin also heats up your bowl very quickly, making it easy to get burned in the process. Bongs: Probably the king of marijuana paraphernalia, bongs come in all shapes and sizes and can often be quite aesthetic. Bongs often make for great decoration pieces as well. College Jerseys Store A popular form of bong is a gravity bong, which is a creative bong that uses gravity to force the smoke in a chamber.

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  • Making them takes a little work, but it’s a fun way to consume cannabis and it will get its users extremely stoned.

  • Bubblers: Bubblers are basically miniature bongs, usually small enough to fit in your pocket. Like bongs, bubblers allow time for the smoke to cool down, making it easier for the user to take bigger hits, meaning bigger effects. J.J. Watt Jerseys Dabs: Also known as BHO (Butan Hash Oil), dabs are extremely potent hash oil meant to be smoked with a rig, much like a bong bowl, except with a blowtorch. Dabbing is essentially a flash-vaporization method, but it is much more intense. It looks quite dangerous. Though, it’s actually healthier and inhaling smoke, since this vapor is free of plant material. New Balance buty damskie However, this potent option is certainly not for beginners. nike tn pas cher Dabbing has been nicknamed the “crack” of pot. Use at your own risk… No matter how you inhale it, all of these methods of smoking mentioned above (with the exception of dabs) contain extra chemicals due to burning the cannabis flower. For those of you who are happy to forgo the act of smoking in order to avoid these chemicals, read on to see the multitude of easy and effective alternatives. asics gel lyte 3 uomo  


    Vaporizing is quite similar to smoking, though it involves heating the marijuana rather than burning it. Thus, vaporization is a healthier alternative, since it eliminates the potential pain in the lungs and throat that comes from exposure to heat and burned organic matter. Mike Trout Jersey vaporizer However, there is no scientific evidence proving that smoking marijuana has detrimental health results compared to vaporizing. Todd Gurley College Jerseys We can only conclude that vaporizing is less harmful. Vaporizers (also known as vapes) come in all shapes and sizes. The godfather of them all is the volcano, which has been around since before marijuana was legal in any US States. store locator for new balance shoes Though, due to it’s high price and large size, smaller vapes have recently became popular. Nike Air Max 2016 Schoenen There are now handheld and portable vapes that fit easily in your pocket. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. Vaporizers can also be used with oils. Canotte Orlando Magic When vaporizing oils, a lot of these forms of marijuana contains up to 80% THC (compared to 5-25% flowers). As its THC percentage indicates, this has a much stronger effect on the body. adidas X 16.4 Vapes are widely known as the “healthiest” form of consumption. It’s far less harsh on your lungs, which is the main reason why cannabis users may call it “healthy and good for your lungs”. But just because it is “less unhealthy” does not make it “healthy”. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren groen If you’re looking for ways to improve your lung capacity, we suggest regular exercise.  

    No Inhaling? No Problem!

    Chocolate brownies with raspberries Not a fan of smoking or vaping? You’re lucky to live in a period where you’ve got dozens of options. Name a food and there’s probably a cannabis recipe for it. But, food isn’t the only oral way you can enjoy THC anymore . No matter the method, when cannabis is consumed orally, the ingestion is slower and the effects tend to be strong. asics italia On average, users who consume marijuana orally tend to feel the effects at minimum thirty minutes later. tn requin noir et bleu Sometimes effects are not felt until over an hour later. Peak effects from oral consumption usually come around the two hour mark, and the effects can last up to six hours and even for longer depending on the user. Effects from oral consumptions are stronger. This is due to the fact that when cannabis is digested, the cannabinoids undergo a chemical transformation that makes them stronger. Not to mention, it is much harder to track the dosage in edibles. Dispensaries are regulated, but if someone hands you a brownie at a concert, you have no way of knowing how much cannabis it contains and how high the THC content is. It takes anywhere from 30-120 minutes to feel the full effects, making it easy for inexperienced users to consume too much only to suffer the consequence an hour or two later. Oral consumption is ideal for people consuming medicinal marijuana for long lasting chronic pain since you do not have to consume as often. For recreational purposes, you may enjoy it on a long bus ride where you don’t need to move for a long period of time. For if you do over consume, the most popular side effect is falling asleep. Let’s dive in at some oral options: Weed Snacks: Brownies, cookies, cakes, you’ve got plenty of options. Does your dispensary not have the food you desire? Do a quick google search and there’s probably a weed recipe for it. Capsules: Just like any other drug or medication, weed can be taken in the form of a capsule or a pill. This is a good strategy if you are trying to avoid smoking, but users beware as capsules tend to be potent and very concentrated. Make sure you know how strong your dosage it. Tinctures: Believe it or not, you can consume cannabis simply by letting it dissolve on your tongue. Nike Air Max 2015 damskie nike blazer uomo colori Known as one of the most underrated ways to consume marijuana, tinctures is a liquid concentration. new balance 1500 burnt orange Kyrie 2 Scarpe If you want to avoid smoking and don’t want wait for the effects of edibles to kick in, then tinctures are your new best friend. Just place a few drops on your tongue, and enjoy the effects in anywhere between five and fifteen minutes (unlike an edible that requires more time). Canotta Memphis Grizzlies Just like smoking, the effects its users will feel will vary based on the strain of marijuana. Because tinctures are an alcoholic extract, it’s odorless. This makes it extremely convenient to use in any situation, whether you’re at a public movie theatre or waiting in a long line at the best burger joint in town. Sprays: THC sprays are basically tinctures inside a spray bottle. Usually with just one or two sprays you’ll be on your way to a nice high. asics gel lyte v gore tex online Drinks: It’s not a simple process, but you can brew weed tea and even weed beer! Yes, marijuana coffee and wine are also options. kanken mochilas scarpe nike uomo in offerta Drinking cannabis isn’t as popular as eating it, but it essentially has the same effects. new balance 1300 acquisto

    Rub it and Reap…the Benefits

    Not earning for a head high? You’ve still got options. Fjallraven Kanken Kids Topicals: These are lotions that have been infused with cannabis. Nike Air Max Goedkoop Like any other lotion, it is applied directly to the skin, normally for relief of pain, soreness, or inflammation in a given area.

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  • This method has no psychoactive effects, so if you’re looking to leave your mind unaffected, then topicals are a great option. asics gel nimbus uomo

    What Method Works for You?

    So, there you have it, fourteen way to fulfill your cannabis needs. Now, it’s up to you to get out there and try them out in order to figure out what works best for you.

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